Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best of the Loire

The Wine Warehouse held a tasting featuring 12 wines either from France's Loire Valley or wines that were inspired by this region. Here are the best--pick some up and cool off!

1. Hautes Ouche Rose D'Anjou 2007 (Grolleau, Cabernet Franc, Gamay blend) $11 WW
Nose: fresh strawberry & melon.
Taste: same fruit as shown on the nose; light-medium body; balanced finish.
Comments: for the money this is the best wine in the line up--refreshing & perfect for summer.
Rating: 85
2. Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre 2007 (100% Sauvignon Blanc) $22 WW
Nose: floral, honey & spice (resembling a Riesling), slight body odor component.
Taste: lemon peel, chalk, light body; balanced.
Comments: this wine is for those who love wines with complexity.
Rating: 86

3. Marcel Martin Cremant de Loire Brut NV (Champagne Blend) $16
Nose: muted nose; slight sugar/honey.
Taste: medium body; tight bubbles, dry steely finish.
Comments: this is an interesting change of pace for a sparkling wine and is perfect for the summer heat.
Rating: 85

4. Pearson Cabernet Franc 2004 (100% Cabernet Franc, Australia) $25 WW
Nose: red & black fruit, some gamey-ness.
Taste: red fruit on the attack, black tea & currant on the finish; balanced. Nice wine.
Comments: although summer isn't the best time for reds, this wine had the best of everything: balance, fruit and structure.
Rating: 90.

The Loire Valley is found in the heart of France and winds along the Loire River, France's longest river. The Loire is France's third largest wine region and the largest white wine region in France. Typically, Loire whites are know for being fresh, crisp and food friendly--perfect for summer.

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