Saturday, June 27, 2009

Café Cabernet's Best Values

Not much is needed by way of intoduction: Café Cabernet has the largest selection of wine in Tallahassee (27 wines by the glass and 800+ bottles) and is a perennial winner of wine service awards. So before going I studied the wine list (all 25 pages) for a solid 2 hours so that you don't have to. Although Café Cabernet sells world class wines, the goal of my visit was to find the best value wines. Here are the best 5 "must try" wines for your next visit Café Cabernet that are around or below $30--in fact I would bet that these wines are good values wherever you find them: (Note: the first 3 numbers are Café Cabernet's unique wine tracking number)

1. (054) Chateau de la Dimerie Muscadet (Melon De Bourgogne, Loire France) $22
2. (180) Stags Leap Viogner (Viogner, Napa CA) $31
3. (181) Robert Sinskey Rose (Pinot Noir, Napa CA) $32
4. (256) Georges DuBoeuf Moulin-a-Vent (Gamay, Burgundy France) $25
5. (697) Cosentino "Cigar Zin" (Zinfandel, Central Valley, Lodi CA) $29

Let me know what you think after your visit.

Finally, there is much more to Café Cabernet than value wines: a good food menu (and chef), a large selection of Scotch and a retail wine store called "The Wine Cellar" to name a few. I will explore more of Café Cabernet in future posts.

And, 'yes', that's me in the clilmate controlled cellar at Café Cabernet, which is accessible through The Wine Cellar retail store. Check it out--there's nothing like it in Tallahassee.

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